Top 3 Cash Back Programs

Incentive shopping and loyalty programs are becoming highly popular. Major retailers pay companies to promote and market their brand. Smart companies are splitting their commissions with shoppers to route more purchases through their sites. Nationlogy

Wondering how they stack up?

1. Lyoness


  • Grocers and Gas
  • Good selection of participating merchants
  • In store and online Thegreatly
  • Ongoing Direct Referral payouts
  • Ongoing Indirect Referral payouts
  • Compounding Loyalty benefits
  • Well established in Europe, new to US



  • Membership is by invitation only
  • Minimum purchase for Free membership
  • Takes moderate effort to maximize benefits


The reason I Rank Lyoness as the number Pastpens one cash back program is for its loyalty benefits and the depth of payouts for referring other members. It also differs from other cash back programs in its potential for compounding loyalty benefits.

Gas and Groceries: Families benefit from being able to purchase everyday goods from major retailers that sell necessities like gas and groceries. Consumers earn cash and benefits from shopping in store at retailers like Walmart, Starbucks, Lowes, Vonns/Safeway, BP Gas and Exxon Mobil.

Direct and indirect referral cashback: The ongoing direct referral (refer a friend) and indirect referral (their referrals) cash back at 0.5% is excellent. It’s one of the reasons this program is especially attractive. Other programs offer no referral bonuses or limited direct referral bonuses only. autoverkopen24

In store shopping: Some purchases are just better made in person. Right now Lyoness cashback and loyalty can be earned through buying gift cards to use in store. However, Lyoness in Europe affords its members the ability to simply flash their Lyoness card at checkout to get their cash back and loyalty benefits. Perhaps one day soon, Lyoness will be as recognizable in the US.

Compounding Loyalty Rewards: Lyoness offers a compounding of loyalty points with their unique accounting system. Apparently their slogan “together we are strong” is pointing to this unique stacking loyalty plan.

Members earning 75 loyalty account points earn an “accounting unit” that gets placed in the shoppers matrix. That unit becomes stacked with other accounting units (your own and others, direct and indirect) and can grow into additional bonuses up to $800+ per unit.

2. Kickitback


  • Easy to register and use
  • Direct Referral payouts
  • Good selection of participating merchants



  • Online shopping
  • No Indirect Referral payouts earns the number 2 position because it offers ongoing direct friend referral cashback. It has a wide variety of Merchant choices and a simple system.

3. FatWallet


  • Easy to register and use
  • Good selection of participating merchants



  • No referral payouts
  • Online only gets the third ranking because it doesn’t offer any cashback on referrals but it does offer ease of use and a good variety of powerhouse retailers.

Cash back programs are evolving and improving. Smart shoppers are making the effort and taking advantage of earning rewards and cash for their everyday shopping.


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