Casual Wedding Hairstyles

The dress code for casual weddings comes in simple gowns and the not-so-elaborate hairstyles. This calls for a time to actually let your hair down and enjoy the time of your life. Weddings call for a lot of preparation and planning. Though the theme is casual, there are sophisticated plans regarding the comfort factor for all guests. Stress on hair shows easily and simple hair care methods are a must for all brides-to-be. Casual weddings are about music, dance and games and hence it is important to allow hairstyles and outfits that are easy. nahls

In the case of a beach wedding, then flowers on the hair would be a fabulous idea. Poker straight hair can be done with a braided hair band entwined with tiny flowers. Many brides prefer to use sprinkles or hair tattoos that brighten up the hairstyle. Hair accessories can be beads, pearl studs or simple star shaped stick-ons. Beach winds make the hair awry and it is best to set it with a reliable hair spray. Leave-in conditioners would seem necessary but again this is dependent on the hair type. Messipoker

A garden wedding or a mountain wedding can be a simple hairstyle in multiple plaits. Go for satin ribbons on the plaits. Braids look extremely feminine and team well with casual wedding gowns. In case you intend to use a head piece then keep the hair style in the casual updo ones. Messy hair in updo form would be a personal style statement for the casual wedding. preferablepups

Destination weddings run along the casual theme and there are several do-it-yourself hair style ideas with blow dry effects. A French roll or a simple chignon at the nape of neck can be well secured with a floral hair clip. Side partings look very casual and a natural flip is all that is required while you pose for photographs. For a beach wedding, use a single, stone-studded hairclip or clips that resemble water life like a starfish or a mermaid.


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