11 Ways to Grow Your Website Visibility


You can advertise your website on LinkedIn, Google, Facebook and pretty much every other corner of the internet. You’ll gain instant visibility and search engines will index your website earlier and faster than a typical website submission into search engines, which increases your chances of being listed higher in search results. pg79

Social Media

If you have an account on Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, Google, MySpace or any other form of social media, you can ask your friends and followers to view your website. Although this mostly results in one-time visits, it’s still a great way for your website to get some brownie points.


Do you blog? If not, you should consider it. Content is strong in the online world. Share your blog posts with your followers, friends and coworkers. That’s not very different from the Social Media strategy, though. However, there are blogging platform that are based on sharing, reblogging and supporting other bloggers. WordPress, Blogger, Medium, and Tumblr are four great places to get started. Follow, comment and like other posts. Engage with bloggers like you do with your friends on Facebook, be consistent with your blog posts, keep them interesting and engage with others. In no time you’ll find people are reblogging and sharing your content. Don’t forget to link back to your website! pg79th

Email Marketing

Create an email list, don’t buy them. It takes time and a little optimization on your website if you do it in house. But you can also build email lists with email marketing companies like MailChimp. Although it takes time to build a large, strong email list, this will probably be the best way to get people back to your website. If they were interested to opt in for your newsletter and/or offers, chances are they will come back when you send them something they’re interested in. blowie


Backlinks are links on other websites that point to your website. Typically, they are permanent links, unlike ads. If you have a friend who has a website, ask him to link back to your website. You might be asked to do the same in return, as a heads up. Some people say that getting back links to your website is bad for SEO. In some cases, backlinking is bad for SEO. You don’t want to be listed in directories of useless websites or linked back from spammy or illegal websites. Link back from your Twitter, LinkedIn, Google, and Facebook pages. But more importantly, get people you know, or can mutually benefit from you, to link back to your website. quoras

Increase your SEO

SEO is your Search Engine Optimization – or put in human terms, it’s how well you rank when someone searches for your website or related content. SEO is a really big world and has become a market on its own. This article won’t go far in depth about SEO. If you don’t know much about SEO, hop on Google look for some tips and help. We can’t even give you a link because SEO rules change quite often, but the general rule is: provide original and high quality content. Write your own articles, add your own images, and be search engine friendly.


Offer prizes to people in return for signing up on your newsletter, buying from your store, liking you on Facebook and so on. The prize doesn’t have to be a car either, just something that most people are interested in. If you’re a tattoo shop, give away 4 hours of free work when you reach 1,000 likes. This example doesn’t benefit your website directly, but this method can be applied to your website, customers, social media and so much more. Have fun though, this method shouldn’t feel like a lot of work.

Engage with people

Create friendships on Twitter and post on forums that are related to your brand. If you’re a blogger that writes about fashion, you should be active on forums about fashion. Don’t forget to answer questions on Quora as well. Quora has been driving a lot of traffic to a lot of websites lately, and it’s a place where you can establish yourself as a professional.

Press Releases

There are a few places online that you can do a press release for free. But the best exposure will come from paying for them. Once there’s a monetary incentive for another business to prosper, they’ll promote you to their contacts and their audience, which can be hundreds of thousands of people. Two note worthy places are PressExposure and HARO (Help a Reporter Out).

Guest Posting

This refers back to the blogging method that was mentioned earlier. But get people to guest blog for you, which gives you great high quality and original content, and guest blog for others. Then your content can reach a whole new audience and you can link back to your website.

Create Videos

YouTube gets more unique visitors per month than any other website, including that guy over there (points to Facebook). And just like a blog post, make sure you share it. Ask your friends to watch it, share it, vote for it and comment on it. With systems like YouTube and Vimeo you can add a description, keywords and links back to your website. Talk about your website, your blog, your content, and so forth. Videos are powerful. In fact, most people would rather watch a 3 boring minute video than read an interesting 15 minute article. And this gives you another way to reach new visitors.


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