The Book of Interplanetary Life and Warfare

Part I of III

Introduction: In the book “The Books behind Methuselah” I have looked into may issues that have bothered me about man’s existence on earth, such as: the rise of man, his encounter with Giants, the Nephilim, and the Old Ones known as the Shinning Ones (or other aliens), and from the Bible and other sources I’ve also looked at personages, such as Adam, and Melchizedek, Darwin, Methuselah, God Himself, and Jesus, the foundation of the demonic world, Lucifer – or the Devil himself, and in particular, the Circle of Refaim as a location, meeting place for the Nephilim. I have gone back perhaps fifty-five million years looking at this overall picture, in the nine previous books within “The Book of Methuselah.” boccaccioravello

One area, in this tenth book now added to the other nine, is “The Book of Interplanetary Life” (for the most part within the Milky Way). There are two questions here for the author to underline: “Has there ever been life, or beings on these planets, perhaps civilizations?” Second, is there any life at all on these planets now?

I want to look at science, archeology and with a twist of theological rhetoric…

Is there Life Beyond Earth?

(The short version)

The tapered point of view is this: yes, yes, to both questions. Perhaps there is life now even on such planets as Jupiter’s moon, Europe, within the liquid water under its icy ocean. Also water has been found on Saturn’s moon Enceladus. And as the old saying goes, where there is water, there is life.

Mars, scientists say: Mars once had life, because it once had water. Also, many Astrobiologists, within their studies, have proclaimed alien life once existed on Jumper’s moon Europe, or could have: because of the thick ice sheet on that moon, and under that ice, closer to its mantle, hypo-thermal vents could exist there, give life to such things as worms, living off the gases produced from the vents. So there are possibilities here. coloradoskihome

How about our moon? My answer to my own question is why not? But what kind, Is the more rounded out question to be? On Earth, as recent as a few years ago, microbiologists have found some microbes two-miles under the surface of Earth and these have been converted into water; water being made up of two-hydrogen and one-oxygen particle. So now the scientist has been looking at planets like our moon, where water has not been found.

Meteorites, Microbial, and DNA-based

To my knowledge, there of course are no born moon folk, or people of that status on the moon, other than those we have sent to the moon, on the moon, in the sense of oxygen-breathing or multi-cellular organisms, that have lived on our planets within our solar system, and in particular Mars, but putting that aside for the moment, how about other forms of beings? I mean, creatures, beings with other or different biology or chemistry found on earth? Surely life forms have evolved outside of our solar system on other planets (microbial), and some maybe even transported across space to reach earth. I myself have part of a meteorite, fifty-thousand years old, who’s to say, something was not within that meteorite when it landed in Arizona, at what is now called Meteor Crater? It most likely sailed around our solar system for eons, and then simply landed here on earth one day. Bacteria is a great space traveler, they can withstand almost anything.

How about Icy Pluto? Where there is friction and movement, there is heat. If there is ice, and there is ice on Pluto, and if it can melt, and heat makes ice melt, there can be life.

How about the overheated planet Mercury? Most people would so most likely not, being too close to the sun. It would seem most hostile to life (700 Kelvin, or 430 degrees Celsius). On the dark side, it is well below Zero. With no, or nearly no atmosphere, and water, it would seem those ‘Most people’ are right!

On Mars and the Moon: perhaps in the Mariner Valley of Mars, which is as long as the United States from New York City to California, and as deep as the highest mountains in the world, and which might have been a source of drainage, or river at one time, life surly could have existed around this monstrous geological wonder.

But now on Mars with the machines we have sent there, we can boast of seeing three-hundred feet above its surface (and even down to eighty-one feet), seeing massive buildings, as if it might be of a military base of some kind, a Government cover-up, for the most part. When an object fell from one of Earth’s mechanical robots, giant spacecraft came out of hidden areas in the foreground, and circled this item, with in a twelve mile zone, or area, there was reported 1500-cases of UFO’s, and NASA, has footage on this I’ve seen. Along with footage on “T Shaped,” structures, and a Face (1998), which is most likely a landmark of some sort that the government has smudged up for us to look at for some odd reason, these are landing spacecraft, and hidden trees in other structures; also triangle shapes of buildings: a cover-up to a high degree, but why? For more info please visit these sites :-

On another issue, the Moon has a base on its dark side, with images of tall buildings likewise, and towers, large structures a half mile in size, reflective surfaces, many photos of these have been smudged, again why?

It is becoming common for astronauts to have witnessed objects while working out in space on the space shuttle or space station, denied but so very obvious. The only question remains in this area is when will NASA, or our government, acknowledge this publicly? Possible when it becomes most necessary, and when they know the public is acceptable, and not so fearful; or when they want to install fear; some of these aliens maybe friendly, others not so friendly. Some of these alien spacecraft have been measured at going 7000-mph, within our own atmosphere.

Who are the Aliens?

(Past and present)

What do the Aliens look like?

Agharians: Perhaps there is a great underground world, here on earth, thousands of years old, where aliens have lived. So it has been claimed; in some hollow area inside the Earth, one with a high degree of civilization, economic organization, as well as social and cultural. Such a people have been called the Agharians.

Alpha Draconis: a reptilian race for the most part; said to have plans of invading the earth when the time is right.



The Anakim (also referred to the ‘Els’, short for ‘Elder Race’ or simply as the ‘Giants’ the a part of the Nephilim civilization)

Amoeba like creature: a disease carrying creatures found over the arctic circle by NASA.

The Andromedans: who have been here with the other alien races on earth for nearly 6000-years; about 2000 of them, 18,000 others? From what I’ve heard, they’d prefer all aliens leave the Planet Earth, and let us humans sort things out for ourselves. It sounds like as if we can’t, and perhaps we can’t. But it seems they have some values here.

Historical Data: Have been within the space community for over three-million years, in the Constellation of Andromeda. Distance from earth that they crisscross-150 to 4,000-light years; Humanoid form of life, in appearance; Nordic-Caucasian. Can also be Asian looking, or oriental? There height ranges from 5.7 feet tall to 7 feet tall. Long fingers and long toes, women slightly shorter; there spacecraft ranges from fifty to sixty-five feet across, command ships are over 2500-feet in length. Some have called these, the gray demon of the Nephilim. They sinned against the birds and beasts of the world.


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