Top Five Ways Revealed: How to Increase Your Page Ranking for Your Blog


There are many ways to increase your page ranking for your blog. Five of the most important ways are listed here. In addition to just listing these methods you will also learn a few ways to implement them.

Probably the method most talked about is using keywords. For organic results with search engines that is very important. However, targeting the top keywords is unlikely to move you up the ranks. For most subjects there is too much competition on those words, so you need to use a keyword tool to find words that are less competitive and are searched less. For example, if you were blogging about makeup, you might want to consider “long tail” keywords like “makeup for women over 40” which is much less competitive than the generic “makeup.”

A second way of climbing the ranks is through backlinks to your blog. Gaining backlinks can be done by commenting on other blogs and websites and leaving contact information in the forms. Make sure the comments are not generic and that they show you actually read the blog post. “Great article. I’ll be sure to bookmark your site and subscribe to your RSS feed” may sound nice, but it is sure to be deleted as spam, even if it happens to be true. women power

Next you want to think about your blog’s content. How much do you have? The more relevant content you have the higher you will be ranked, generally speaking. A site with ten pages will not rank as high as a site with one hundred pages. Keep adding content on a regular basis. If you don’t have time to write that many posts consider hiring a ghostwriter to get you content. Make sure you read any content you get from them to make sure it isn’t just keywords and crap. You always want quality over quantity and don’t be afraid to pay a little more for that. You get what you pay for.

Fourthly, use key phrases within your content. I spoke about long tail keywords – phrases are just an extension of those. Group your keywords and phrases closely together to get even more attention by the spiders that crawl the web. Use keywords tools to find phrases that people are searching for. This will definitely impact your Google ranking and help you with marketing your blog.

Lastly, make sure you don’t over-pack your articles with keywords and phrases. A good percentage of keywords is somewhere between two and eight percent. More than eight percent also makes your content “read funny” and will likely discourage return visitors. People recognize quality content and avoid blogs that obviously are stuffed with keywords.

Here’s a sixth thing to think about (consider this a bonus.) Think about your target audience the whole time you are writing. If you are looking to attract a younger crowd your vocabulary and keyword content might be more techie or fresh, while an older audience might use more traditional word choices.

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