Building Your List – How To Explode Your Business Day 2

Welcome back to Day Two’s training, Building Your List-How To Explode Your Business. Today we need to deal with an important subject, “GURU Groupies.” There everywhere. In my day when we started we had a mentor, it was easy to judge whether the mentor was worth listening too. How you ask? The fruit was on their tree! They were practicing what they were teaching. They were teaching building your list. thebusinessdays

Had a lot of interesting comments after building your list Day One’s teaching. Seems I really got under some peoples skin, which is fantastic. Tells me I’m on the right path. The fact that you have come back for day two’s training demonstrates that you are willing to move forward no matter how ticked off I made you. Today we need to talk about Guru’s because it is one of the bigger problems holding you back from building your list. bareng88

What is a Guru? Someone who sells information, motivation and training. They are all over the Internet and within your primary networking companies. They sell systems that will help you build your business. But do they use the same systems? 9 out of 10 don’t! Yes that’s right, they’re selling you something that they don’t use to build their primary businesses. Now why do they do that you ask? Because you would never buy what they really do, and would have no interest in how much a slave they are to their business. storygame

Building Your List-Who To Take Advice From

Guru’s are self proclaimed, learning very early that they can make 20 times more money selling tools to build a business then they can ever make in the business. They drive exotic cars, have bling dripping off them everywhere. Will credit their income to their primary business when 70% or more is coming from tools to support the business. They start developing groupies at every event. They have learned to sell what you will buy, the Dream! There is no money to be made by them in teaching you the skill of building your list. Oh, but once that groupie is sold on that dream, they will spend money they don’t have to get it.

Now, didn’t you start in networking to build a business and develop a strong second income? I did! How did the greatest industry in the world get off track? Well, its all about cycles as we have come to an end of one. The first 80 years in Direct Selling the preferred marketing method was door to door sales. In the late 60′s, a successful Amway Distributor got tired of knocking on doors and developed a new innovative way to do business. His name was Dexter Yager, a beer truck driver from Rome NY. He developed the idea of showing the plan, which was called 6-4-2 and moving the business into the living rooms and selling the opportunity. Why did he do this? He hated going door to door and so did everyone else. So he was honest with himself and developed a better way, that turned the entire industry into a multi billion dollar juggernaut. He was our mentor, we met him in 1979 and we are forever in his debt for the life we have enjoyed. sportsyearly

Building Your List-Two To Five Year Plan

What he developed is still what is being used today by 95% of the networking industry. Building your list, what you are being taught has basically not changed in 45 years. Each Guru will put their twist on it to make it more saleable, that is the only difference. There is something very important we need to learn from Dexter. People didn’t like what they were doing, so they changed the system and it created the greatest opportunity of their lives that stretched 40 plus years. toybender.

Sponsoring today is different than it was 30 years ago. People would actually write down a list, call their friends and family and invite them to their homes. Is that working today? Are your new recruits building a list, inviting their friends and family etc. etc. etc.? You want to know why they don’t do it? Because they don’t like it, no more than Dexter liked going door to door. Now ask yourself this question, do you like chasing around your friends and family? Walking through Walmart or the mall trying to meet prospects. My answer was no, in fact I never liked it. So why are we asking people to do what we don’t like to do ourselves? You really need to be honest with yourself right now. Take advice from those who are actually doing what they teach. No more Guru worship, its time for you to move on and build your business, its time to learn the skill of building your list.


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