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I would like to share with you (site viewers) the importance of water in our daily life, health and well being. Of course we drink water to quench thirst, avoid dehydration, help detox and remove waste from our body, tennis class Singapore etc. The most important which we fail to reason is our body is made up of 70% water. 90% of our body are made up of cells; skin cells, brain cells, red blood cells, white blood cells, etc.

There are two types of water, water that harms and water that heals. Namely, structured water or life water and unstructured water or dead water. The quality of these water are determined by the molecular structure. Water molecules are made up of one oxygen atom and two hydrogen atoms (H2O). Water that heals or structured water have 6 H2O units bonded together to form clusters.

Water from the original source of nature, ie. origin of mountain streams, water falls, rivers, springs and wells are life water or energy water. Caused by and energised by the unified field of the universal law of nature. These water helps the cells to absorb the nutrients and remove the toxic waste from the cells, keeping the body healthy and well.

There are a number of places around the world where the water molecules form beautiful hexagonal crystal structures.To name a few prime examples are Lourdes France, Zam Zam Well Mecca, Niagara Falls Canada, etc. These places are known as healing springs.

Process water or Municipal water that reach our homes through reservoirs, chlorination plants, filtration plants and water treatment plants, etc. Not forgetting the miles of pipelines connecting from one source to the other, then to our homes, have picked up along the way toxic pollutants, chemicals, organisms, etc which are harmful to our body cells.

The molecules of these water becomes disorderly, broken up and are unstructured or dead water. The water in this state are unable to penetrate into our body cells to release the toxin or waste from the cells, causing damage to the cells and weakening the immune system, exposing the body to diseases.

Dr. Masaru Emoto from Japan did research on water all around the world and have written many books on his findings on the subject. One should read the books authored by him should he or she want to know more and learn the truth of How and What water can do to him/her or for him/her.

Thanks to Dr. Ian Lyons discovery and creation of the Amezcua BioDisc, we are now able to reverse the process of unstructured water to structured water. The Amezcua BioDisc is made up of natural minerals which have been structurally bonded in glass and technically engineered at a molecular level using several high heat fusion methods.

This technology was used successfully for the past 15 years in the commercial sector, in the medical field, farms and gardens, spa pools of top class hotel or resort.This Amezcua biodisc was created for domestic usage and the man on the street. The size 9cm in diameter, smoke-island small, portable and mobile for one to carry around when travelling or at home. For protection from e-smog, jet lag and travel sickness, etc.

The combination of the minerals and the fusion techniques creates a positive energy field. This energy field is able to transmit energy through liquid, light and air. Water can be energised by pouring the water over the surface of the biodisc into a container. By repeating the process 7 to 8 times the energised power is increased and strengthen seven to eight folds.

Energy can also be transferred by placing the bottle or glass on top of the biodisc. The effect of energy transfer is immediate but its not harmful to leave it overnight. Transfer through light is done by using an l.e.d. torch light with minimum of 70 lumin. Rotate the torch light anti clockwise over the surface of the biodisc. Concave side for a wider area or reverse side to focal on a spot. The light relieve aches and chronic pain, etc.


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