Social Security Benefits for Both Individuals and Society Is a Partnership

The first obligation of a society is to secure its children, and then all its other members against the onslaughts of nature and man, against starvation, thirst, disease, voracious predators, against death. Our children require this social security if they are to live and grow. Social security benefits society itself, charteracatamaraninthebvi for without security, society will deteriorate. Take away social security and the individual has little use for society: social security is an important factor that makes society valuable.

There is security in numbers. One man sleeps while the other stands watch. Working in concert, one group scares the prey into the waiting trap of another group – food is secured. An individual can certainly hunt and gather alone, but a society of individuals can do it more efficiently, with better results. Alone, the individual is less secure; with others, security is increased.

Social security benefits not only the individual, but society itself. With a secure society, the children grow strong and healthy, and society is given strong and healthy adults to carry on the life of the society. This implies that the individual is expected to contribute to the social wealth, when of age. They are to bear the burden of the work society does to provide security for the people. When their peers fall sick or become disabled, they must care for them and keep them well. They, themselves, may fall sick, lose their job, and then they will have to turn to the society they supported, to support them. Social safety is carried on the back of the adults who are able to do the work, but when they are too old to work anymore, they will have to turn again to their society to keep them secure. A society that values human life and the contributions of those who have carried the life of the society into the future will not just dispose of the elderly. They will provide social security benefits for the elderly.

A society that cares for its children, for the sick and disabled, for the unemployed, for mothers and children, a society that is wholly human, provides social security for all their members when they need the help of their people. For this reason, the United States of America provides social safety benefits for all of its citizens.

On 14 August, 1935, the United States enacted the Social Security Act. This act provides social safety benefits for the elderly who are too old to work, for the survivors of a worker who has died, leaving dependents behind. Social security also provides unemployment benefits for workers who are temporarily out of work. Affirming the value of every human life, social safety benefits are given to the disabled and the blind. Meeting its responsibility to secure the newborn, social safety provides funds for maternity and child health services. Valuing the family, social security benefits also gives aid to families no longer able to earn enough to feed, house, and clothe their families, that is, aid to families with dependent children. Those who receive these benefits do not receive them freely. While they are working adults, a portion of the money they earn is taxed and set aside to fund their social safety requirements when their time has come. In the U.S., bostonhaikusociety social safety is is a partnership between society, primarily consisting of government, business, and the individual. In a nutshell, social security benefits are the just sharing of responsibilities the individual and the society has for one another.


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