All Cash Buyers? Welcome to the Investor Squeeze

The Florida Web Triber Directory real estate down turn has leveled off and investors who sold properties as the slide began, are bringing their cash back to the real estate market. Between the exceptional prices and tax breaks, gcashtowin this buyer’s market finds great opportunities for the savvy investor who happens to be flush with cash.

So, what does this do to the average house-hunter needing a financing contingency? We often say”Price or Terms”. This basically means the stronger the terms, gcash2win the lower the acceptance price will be. In the current market, both average buyers and investors are out in the market searching for the deeply discounted deals. However, when they come head to head in an offer for the same property, most often cash will win out. Web Directory

Just this past week, Classy Web Directory there were two offers on a beach front condo… one from an agent with a buyer who needed financing and the other from an investor offering no contingencies, all cash and close in 30 days. The Seller opted to take $20,000 less in sales price to go with the all-cash buyer, rather than take a chance on the current financing difficulties – particularly for condominiums. The investor may actually pay less, but it’s cash, right now. A cash transaction can eliminate things like a lender requiring approval of a condo building or an appraisal coming in too low. This makes it very tempting for the Seller to go for the sure thing. Hi5Biz Directory

The cash sales trend continued in Business Honors Directory January when 52% of all closed transactions in Pinellas County were paid for in cash rather than through other financing means. This investor squeeze has our attention as we continue to research financing options that can make a difference when presenting a buyer’s offer. It is more important than ever for a potential buyer to meet with a Business Listings lender prior to starting his/her real estate search. A pre-approval letter from a lender can go a long way toward balancing the playing field.


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