The Biggest Mistake People With Seasonal Allergies Make

People with สล็อตpg seasonal allergies often find their allergy attacks seem to happen very quickly and with little warning. One day they might be riding around in their car with the windows down thinking its going to be a good season for their allergies and then the next day they are sneezing, coughing and wheezing. pollenindex The reason of course for this is that pollen levels can vary so much from day to day.

The biggest mistake kutyulva people with a seasonal allergy make is not checking the daily pollen count in their area. Think of the pollen count as the same as weather. You would want to know if there was going to be a hurricane tomorrow so you could prepare. So why not check local pollen levels so you can take measures to avoid exposure on days when levels are at their peak. ekszer

Our Allergy Alert Index is easy to use, simply enter your zip code to find out what the pollen levels are on a scale of 1 to 10 for that day. The scale is also divided into red, izomautok yellow and green ratings to help you recognize what the numerical ratings mean. In addition to this the Allergy Alert Index shows people with seasonal allergies what the predominant allergens are for that day.

Once you know its a green day and the pollen count is low, otthonszuletik you might find it is alright to have the windows in your home open and spending time outside might not cause you any problems. On red days when the pollen count is high you might want to avoid the outdoors as much as possible and only go out if necessary, think of it like driving in a snow storm. villanyt


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