Affiliate Marketing Tactics – How to Use Videos to Your Advantage

Go a step further. If a picture is worth a thousand words… How much do you think a video is worth?

If you REALLY want to super-charge your affiliate sales, do a video review of the product you’re selling. Have you ever wondered why Circuit City and Best Buy

and even Wal-Mart have their sales items out where you can see them, touch them and pick them up and play with them?

That’s simply because the technique increases sales tremendously! It’s not very easy to let a visitor to your website touch and play with a product you’re selling. But…and here’s the key…YOU can do it for them with a good video.

With technology today, making a video is extremely simple. All you need is a video camera… borrow one, rent one, buy one… and a FREE program called Windows Movie Maker. You may even have this in your computer already since some of the newer computers are shipped with it already installed. If not, you can get it free from the Microsoft site at:

Make a movie of you using the product, taking it out of the box, putting it together…the whole process. Show the product up-close and personal. Show them how YOU use it. Make them feel that they’re holding it and playing with it. For more details please visit these sites:-

If your product is a piece of software, use a program called Snag-It to take screen shots or another program called Camtasia to actually film you using it. If your product is a book, make sure your review has good pictures of the cover and a few excerpts… You are really only limited by your imagination.

For example Chris Rempel uses screen capture video to describe a new way to get free traffic to your site. He suggests a social membership site like “myspace” but for specific niches. He really sells this idea of getting traffic but then he emphasizes that ‘myspace’ clones are very expensive to buy. He then gives the solution of a fantastic script for a fantastic price. This is a fantastic example of using video and reviews to sell affiliate products.


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