Serious Online Article Writers Catch a Break as NYTs Launches a Pay Wall to Articles

Well, it looks like the New York Times is going to do what the Financial Times and Wall Street Journal have already done. They are going to be creating a “pay wall” which means, frontiernews if you go to their website, you have to be logged in, or allow the cookies to be on your browser so you are always logged in, if you wish to read the articles – and, you will have to pay for this privilege.

Why are they doing this? Well perhaps one of the reasons they are considering it, and perhaps one of the reasons they haven’t done it yet, is because they are, localletter trying to figure out a way to stay in business and control their costs, and generate enough revenue to pay for all their reporters and their newsgathering. Indeed, most people believe the New York Times has quality articles and information one can trust.

After all, if you read something in that New York Times you generally believe that information to be true and factual. Even if there are quite a few retractions from previous, newspoke stories listed each day, you generally trust the integrity of the paper. Now then, recently, it seems there was an interesting piece titled “New York Times Sets Pay Wall” by Russell Adams in the Wall Street Journal.

I would like you to go read that article in the Wall Street Journal, a paper that perhaps has been modifying their strategy slightly to compete with the New York Times, topicals and consider what the author is saying there. Now then, I would like to focus your attention on the benefits to a serious online article writer in this case. With all this new media there is a new citizen journalist which is rising fast, and they may be able to develop a strong following in various sectors for news.

If the New York Times is going to charge people to read their articles, then I would suppose that the staunchest conservative readers will not go to that website anymore. Because I doubt very much they’d be willing to pay for articles that they generally disagree with, tbadaily especially in the editorial section. You see, as a conservative myself I will not purchase the New York Times, but I might read the New York Times occasionally while sitting in Starbucks when it’s thrown in the used, recycling newspaper rack. See that point?

Well, if the New York Times is going to charge for their articles and you are an online article writer who is giving away your articles, all of a sudden you hold, kulfiy another ace card. That’s because everyone’s favorite price is free. Indeed I hope you’ll please consider all this and think on it.


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